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About Bad Kitty Inc.



Bad Kitty® was founded in 2008 by Trisha Stone & Jack Gaffney and began as an e-commerce retailer under the name “Bad Kitty Exotic Wear”. We were introduced to the pole world in 2009 and we were blown away. We believe that we discovered an incredible lifestyle that is fueled by passion. That passion is centered around Art, Health, Dance & Sexuality and most of all community. The physical health benefits of pole are amazing. But they pale in comparison to the mental health benefits. At Bad Kitty®, we spend our days and nights completely engulfed in this lifestyle. We work passionately to make it better and to enhance a pole dancer's overall experience. We learn from our peers by listening to their pain and desires and we create products and services that respond to those needs.

We have fun and take pride in everything we do. And we actively support others who share a love of pole. We love the pole dance lifestyle and recognize all of its benefits. So we created PoleFit® as a way to meet the needs of this unique dance form. We realize that up until the creation of PoleFit® , pole dancers had no choice but to wear underwear, bathing suits, or general sports wear and none of these options catered properly to the sport of pole dancing. PoleFit® was created to meet the needs specific to the pole dance movement and lifestyle.

"The Original Pole Wear"

Bad Kitty® is the first company to study the movement, motions, and physical requirements of pole dancers. We started our research as pioneers with a blank canvas back in 2009. As a result of our studies, we discovered that there was a need to cater to the unique and varying body shapes, muscle tone & development of pole dancers. We also learned that there was a specific design and functionality in pole clothing that was required and requested by pole dancers. The term "Pole Wear" was coined by our team. There is a long list of standards that must be adhered to before an article of clothing earns a PoleFit® tag.

Being "The Original Pole Wear" is a badge of honor for us and it informs our clients they are buying from an experienced innovator and an organization that spends their days learning about and supporting pole lifestyle through original creations.

Our Process for Creating PoleFit®

We start with research. We conduct this research in house with the assistance of our Brand Directors Mina Mortezaie, Karol Helms & Estee Zakar, our team of Brand Ambassadors, our clients, our fans, and the global pole dance community.

First, we ask ourselves how the products will be used, how long they will typically be worn, how often will they be worn & washed and what environment will they most likely be used in. Next, our research takes into account inversions and sideways momentum. Very few sports are faced with these two concerns. Our research also looks into the following factors:

- How the fabric is used and how moisture from perspiration affects grip and creates slippage.

- The stretch & bounce back ability of the fabric.

- The use of elastic, the placement of seams, the cut of the garments to allow for maximum skin contact, maximum support and the maximum amount of coverage.

- Method of sewing, the thread used, and the stitching techniques - including the inside tag placement.

All of our items are manufactured in our in house factory, right here in the USA.

The Results of our Research

Over the course of the past years, we have taken this research and put it into development. The result is a complete line of Pole Wear designed for all shapes and sizes. We also focus on specific problem areas and unique issues. For example, many pole dancers have extremely developed lats or they are petite with extremely well developed muscles, or they are full figured. Our clothing and sizing takes these challenges into account.

The PoleFit® line of pole wear includes a wide range of tops, bottoms, leggings, capris and accessories. Our clients may purchase our products direct from our website or via one of our 2100+ registered Authorized Pole Studio Resellers located in 70+ countries worldwide.

We take our passion and our work very seriously. We invest a large portion of our profits back into the Pole community. If you have purchased anything from our PoleFit® line, then you can take credit for the many sponsorships we have offered to the pole community. We are truly made "by Pole Dancers for Pole Dancers" and because of that we feel it is our obligation to support the very community that inspires us and supports our vision and passion.

We believe in clients versus customers because we believe in personal relationships and service over transactions. We seek opinions, ideas and suggestions openly and actively encourage feedback because we believe the more we know our clients, the better we can service their desires and needs. We live by our mission statement.

The Bad Kitty® Mission

1. To be a company that is:

  • Honorable
  • Giving
  • Thankful
  • Fun, exotic & exciting
  • Transparent
  • Admired
  • Trusted
  • Inspiring
  • Part of the Community

2. To Support & Promote the acceptance and advancement of Pole Fitness/Dance as a:

  • Sport
  • an Art
  • Hobby
  • Community
  • Lifestyle
  • Profession

3. To Support & Promote Pole Studios & Instructors through:

  • Encouragement & Gratitude
  • Sharing of knowledge and ideas
  • Access to business tools and services
  • Access to the Community & Pole Stars
  • Access to products to create new revenue streams
  • Using our brand & reach to grow their brand and reach

4. To Support & Promote Pole Athletes & Performers through:

  • Encouragement & Gratitude
  • Mentoring and consultation
  • Utilizing our reach in showcasing their talents for exposure to the community & beyond
  • Collaborating on building & enhancing their unique brands and images
  • Creating new opportunities to broaden their reach & pole fan base

5. To Support & Promote Pole Events & Event Planners through:

  • Encouragement & Gratitude
  • Sponsorship funding to ensure event success
  • Collaboration with other event planners
  • Assistance in streamlining rules, judging, fees and registrations
  • Utilizing our reach to create event exposure to the community and beyond.

 6. To create custom-made apparel & accessories specific to the needs and wants of pole participants through:

  • Seeking suggestions, feedback and critique open and honestly
  • Beta testing products within community
  • Offering encouragement & gratitude to our clients for their support & patronage
  • Including our clients in our brand and image

7. Support & Promote Pole Related Companies and Organizations that are:

  • Honest, Trustworthy & provide quality product(s) and service to their patrons
  • Are committed to supporting and advancing Pole Fitness/Dance


About Bad Kitty

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